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gopal vastapara

Gopal Vastapara

Gopal Vastapara, a businessman from Surat, arranged a simple ceremony in wedding of his son, inviting only friends and relatives. However he has decided to use all the money that he saved in the process for a lavish mass wedding ceremony for 100 girls, all of whom come from economically weaker families and he calls them his daughters.

The girls were married on April 28,2016 at a function held in Chamardi village located in Amreli district of Gujarat. The girls who got married are from various castes and include six Muslims too,

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The 51-year-old businessman, who hails from the same village, identified the girls from different area of Amreli and Rajkot districts. Their families were not in a condition to bear their marriage expenses.

The brides and grooms had the liberty to invite as many friends and relatives as they want to. About 60,000 people joined the ceremony and cost around Rs. 3 crore. Every newly-wed couple pledge to save the girl child and save the environment on the wedding day. Gopal has pledged to sponsor such mass marriage ceremonies of 100 girls for the next 10 years.