POVERTY is a plague that has affected our country

Ashmita Raju

One out of every 4 people in India is below the poverty line. This may seem shocking to many of us. We will immediately think of 4 people and wonder how one of them can be below the poverty line. We are oblivious to such facts because most of us live in protected environments. We are not exposed to the cruel truth of the state of our country. Millions of elders, youngsters and children live in the slums of India. Extremely tiny, congested houses with barely any air to breath.

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Internationally, an income less than $1.90 (approx Rs.128) per head of purchasing power party is called as extreme poverty. The kind of living that will be experienced by earning so less cannot be imagined by our elite.

The worst part about poverty is that unfortunately, it is a vicious cycle. People who are poor will not be able to afford to provide their children will quality education. Their children will continue doing the menial jobs which the parents were doing which means even they will be poor. This cycle continues on forever.

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What can we, as blessed human beings, do to help the people of our country?

The smallest simplest help we can provide is to help the people who work for us. Most of us will have maids who come to our homes and help us with the household chores. Her children will probably not be getting any quality education due to the lack of knowledge of her parents. We can help that child by sending him//her to a good school and making sure he/she completes at least schooling so that he/she can progress one step more than his/her previous generation. Some of us with larger hearts can also think about donating enough money to an orphanage or an NGO which will take care of a child’s education in entirety.

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Other things we could do include donating the items in the house which are not being used to NGOs in our localities. These NGOs will make sure they are put into good use. Instead of throwing away something, next time, just give it away to someone who will use it for longer.

It is not that we cannot do anything about the state of our country. We can, but we are not taking the right steps towards it. It just starts with a small good deed. The happiness gotten out of it will be so immense and self satisfying that you will never stop.