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Efficient employee engagement tools keep employees energised and productive at work. Employee engagement through a cause is a vital means by which to strengthen employee relationships, enhance employee morale and even build critical skill sets and expertise. It is a great way to make the employees realise that the company cares about the workers’ general interests and social commitment

When you make volunteering an integral part of your employee engagement strategy, your company is one step closer to enriching and creating a corporate culture that top candidates to apply, inspire loyalty and high performance levels from employees, and build trust with customers, local community and stakeholders. Productivity increases when employees work together toward a common goal. This creates the sense that each worker is an integral part of a bigger team. As a result, every employee feels empowered and inspired to do their part, to not let the team down.

Understandably, corporate pride is directly related to employee engagement. If an employee is ashamed of his/her company for whatever reason may be it’s the culture, the lack of values, or management’s philosophy, he/she is not going to hang around for long. Volunteering activity often results in a personal attitude that identifies with more ethical behaviour leading to ethical thoughts and ethical people. And finally, ethical people lead to ethical businesses.

Increasing employee engagement isn’t always easy, No two successful employee volunteering programmes are the same. Success is dependent on connecting employees with the causes they care about and the organizations that can truly benefit from their skills and expertise.

Aim India Foundation works with many corporate by creating tailor made options for volunteering best suited to the requirements of the corporate. Company-wide volunteering events set the precedent that the company uses the power of business for social good. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for employees across all professional levels and departments connect.