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General Questions

What is the belief behind Aim India Foundation?
We believe that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. Believing in this principle of 'Civic Driven Change' Aim India Foundation sensitises the civil society in order to make them partners in its mission.
Does AIF work in India and other countries too?
Aim India Foundation is working in West Bengal, India. It is a development organization with its welfare projects spread across State.
What is the scenario of India presently?
India has about 11 million children living on the streets and 14 million children working as labours. Only 60% of children have access to education despite having a national policy on compulsory elementary education. The time to take collective as well as individual responsibility to remedy the current situation is here. Right now!
How old is Aim India Foundation?
Aim India Foundation was established in the year 2016.
Who are the people behind AIF?
The realization of a group of development professionals, that it was their Social Responsibility to give back to the society, laid the inception of Smile Foundation. Smile Foundation is managed professionally by a Board of Trustees, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, followed by a well defined professional work. For details visit about us section of this website.
Which areas does AIF work in?
Aim India Foundation has been working in the thematic areas of education, healthcare, hygiene, nutrition, environment, youth employability, empowerment of women and community development. We believe that we should work through intervention during the entire life cycle of the beneficiary and not restrict our work. We feel that the areas that we have chosen focus on the holistic development of the underprivileged.

for Individual Donors

What information is sent to the donors?
The donor gets an instant acknowledgement mail along with an SMS. On receiving the reconciliation statement from the bank, a receipt is sent via e-mail immediately, followed by a hard copy by post (within India). The receipt is accompanied by a 'welcome pack' which is also a token of appreciation. The donor receives wishes on important festivals, programme updates and an annual impact report during a year's time.
What will AIF do with my donation?
As soon as the donation through cheque or online is reconciled by the bank, the amount is allotted to the specific programme, which it has been meant for. The utilization and results are managed, monitored and audited. The outcome is reflected in the annual impact report, which is shared with the donors.
How you ensure proper utilisation of fund?
Aim India Foundation follows the principle of good governance. We have a four-tier audit mechanism to track and monitor the funds raised and utilized.
Does AIF accept donations in foreign Currency?
No, the organization accepts donations in Indian Currency only in the form of cheque, drafts or via online payment gateway. As a policy the organization adhere to all government norms and maintains optimum transparency with the donors. However tax exemptions are applicable as per the country specific guidelines.
How much should I donate?
There is no specific amount that should be donated. We request you not to donate below Rs. 250
What are the Tax benefits that a donor will get?
A donor will get 50% of tax exemption on the donation under section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax receipts are issued to all the donors irrespective of the amount supported. A digital copy of the receipt is generated on and sent via e-mail post realization of the donated amount. The hard copy of the receipt is delivered to the donor within 10 working days. In case of loss of the original receipt, a duplicate tax receipt is issued on receipt of a formal request from the donor.

other Questions on Donation

Are you taking money from corporates?
Raising private funds ensures our financial independence, enabling us to operate independently. This way, we can ensure that our actions are directly focused on the ones who need the most - according to our independent evaluation on the ground. That's why we are very careful of the origin of funds we raised. We accept money from corporate, but only if there is no potential ‘conflict of interest’. For instance, AIF does not accept money from alcohol and tobacco companies, arms manufacturers or industries that hire child labour. AIF not accept contributions from corporations/industries and their respective corporate foundations whose core activities may be in direct conflict with the goals of the humanitarian work of our organisation, or in any way limit AIF’s ability to provide humanitarian assistance.
What methods does AIF use for Fundraising?
We raise funds through several different channels and activities such as: Direct Marketing (Face to Face fundraising, telemarketing and direct mailing), - Online , you can pay online through our website,Fundraising events
Can I earmark my donation for a specific project?
We appreciate that some supporters may have a particular interest in a specific programme. In certain circumstances it is possible to have your donation directed toward a specific programme. However, by not restricting your contribution for a specific programme, you will enable us to allocate our resources more efficiently and use your money where it is most needed.
Is there any advantage of donating online?
Online donation is fast, easy and convenient, and it can minimize our administrative work. Moreover, using the online medium as a primary resource to donate is far more cost effective than channels such as field offices or call centers.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, net banking transfers, selected cash cards and mobile payments.
Can I make a donation in memory of someone?
Yes, we gratefully accept donations of any amount made in honour or in memory of a special human being or beloved animal. Should you wish to make a gift in memory of a departed friend, family member or animal companion, please let us know as soon as the gift is made.