Workshops on GST

Goods and services tax

GST is a historical leap, which will help in nation building. GST is based on the concept of One India - One Nation - One Tax.

From 1st July, 2017, GST has been implemented all over the country. Several confusions ware there among the business community. Large houses had several resources to solve their problem but the MSME sector was facing major problems in its implementation. Several seminars had been conducted on GST by different organisations prior to its implementation. However, technical difficulties that were being faced by the business units on implementation of GST required immediate addressing. Hand-holding played a very important role in that vast changing scenario.

In that back drop AIM INDIA FOUNDATION wished to help out MSME sector by providing ‘HAND HOLDING WORKSHOPS ON GST’ free of cost. Aim India Foundation conducted several seminars on GST. Eminent Professionals and concerned officials of Central and State Governments were the speakers in these workshops. The main moto of the workshop was to hand-hold small and medium enterprises in that changing scenario and convey their voice to the Government.

We are highly obliged and thankful to Doordarshan for covering and telecasting the programme, working hand in hand to pursue the dream of our Respected Prime Minister, One India – One Nation – One Tax.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the biggest indirect tax reform of India. GST has subsumed Central Excise Law, Service Tax Law, State VATs, Entry Tax, Luxury Taxes, Octroi etc. Earlier, there were so many taxes which were levied on goods such as Excise, VAR, entry tax, octroi. Similarly, service tax, entertainment tax, luxury tax were levied on services. Now, there will be only single tax i.e. GST and it will make dream of One Nation, One Tax feasible.