Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering in Aim India Foundation

Volunteering has changed dramatically over recent years. From serving in soup kitchens, signing up for school functions, to building houses, usually volunteering meant going somewhere to do something.

However, today’s volunteering includes donating your virtual time and skills. Instead of being present to volunteer in the “real world,” many people have found their place in the world of virtual volunteering.

Virtual or Online Volunteering offers you exciting options to contribute your valuable time and skills to bring lasting changes in lives of underprivileged at your own expediency. Find it difficult to volunteer because you don’t have time to travel, face a disability or have a hectic home or work schedule, worry not. Aim India Foundation online volunteering options offer you flexibility in terms of space, time and location. Choose from the varied options listed in the boxes to the right.

All you just need is

1. A computer
2. An internet connection
3. Desire to make a change

How Virtual Volunteering Works?

Virtual volunteering allows you to commit your time and services away from the physical site of an organization, project, or campaign. Virtual volunteers work over the internet via computer, tablet or phone to provide their skilled services to support a cause that is important to them.

Many people find that it is much more convenient to become virtual volunteers, also called “cyber-volunteers,” “digital volunteers,” or even “e-volunteers.” Virtual volunteers serve causes both near and far. That service takes many forms, including:

  • Website design or support
- Data entry
- Email marketing or management
- Fundraising phone calls and outreach
- Social media promotion and management
- App development
- Volunteer tracking
- Copywriting, blogging, or editing
- Graphic design, photography
- Marketing or branding assistance
- Video creation
- Virtual assistance, staff support

Of course, this is just a small sample of all the possible virtual volunteering tasks a person could provide. Moreover, in Aim India Foundation while physical volunteers are in just as much in demand as virtual ones.

What Are You Waiting for?

Volunteering is an age-old institution. From school fundraising, community programs, and corporate philanthropy, it is a part of nearly every area of our lives.
"Traditional” volunteering will always be around, but virtual volunteering has changed the way many of us give back. When you are ready to start volunteering (or volunteer more), Aim India Foundation will open many doors you had not considered before.
Virtual volunteering provides an outlet for many different skills and passions, but it also makes it easier for organizations to do good work all over the world.

How to apply?

Aim India Foundation works in different verticals viz. education, environment, health, hygiene, relif to poor, wemen empowerment and several awareness programmes.

Explore the various volunteering options, go through the Volunteer Orientation AV as well read the Code of Ethics.
To apply, send an email to with a brief profile about yourself and your interests.
The respective contact person from Aim India Foundation will get in touch through email. S/He will further explain the process and details and the assignments.

Frequently asked questions

Become a part of the movement that is making a difference; become a virtual volunteer.

Volunteering abroad is definitely more fun than volunteering from home because you get to see the world, experience different cultures and actively participate in pain relief and/or life improvement. Unfortunately, however, volunteering abroad can be costly and it’s also extremely time-demanding. Therefore, while it’s great for young people, it can be impossible for older professionals who have a job to put everything on hold in order to go volunteering across the world. The same goes for most volunteering opportunities closer to home as they usually have their own time restrictions which will most likely interfere with your work schedule and other responsibilities. This is where virtual volunteering comes in, as it allows people to do good but in their own spare time. So, if you have kids or care for elderly people, for example, there’s a good chance you’ll only have a few spare hours at night and by then your options are pretty limited.